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 Footnote: The Editor by dint of age  and as a full - time publisher / editor, and a career in investigative journalism, and publishing has been able to visit a total of 42 countries, with many visited numerous times. Especially, ( 1957-2014-5 ) France, Belgium, ( post East / West ) New Germany, Iceland, Scandinavia, Finland, and Ireland as well as Wales and Scotland closer to home. Indeed, within those countries  Geoffrey E. Dixon-Hamilton  has been able to study full-time [ 1961-67 ] on the basis of scholarships. All, of which, provided an in-depth understanding of how respective cultures, and  infra-structures operated. Rail journeys have covered long distances in both Europe and the Nordic countries as well as jet travel to both the Middle East, Far East and United States of America as well as China. In the 1980s Anglo-Nordic Times awarded several trophies “The Odin Award - AAA” [ Birmingham Int’l. airport, Richard Branson, British Airways, Crossair (CH),  British Midland, Guernsey / Jersey / Bristol airports ]: trophy  in the form of Swedish crystal glass “Viking Warrior-ODIN” mounted on Italian marble plinths, along with a 'AAA' diploma, itemising the relative successes of various airlines and hotel chains.
The editor is a Priority Club Member, and uses their hotel chains during editorial projects e.g. Holiday
Inn Mayfair,
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