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Editor ( 23.09.00 - 1. i. 18 ):

The New Germany: In remembering my informative years of the 1960's when I had recourse to travel in both West, and East Germany, but in particular East Berlin, as exampled by attending  Der Malik-Verlag ( 1916-`47) Aussteillung ( Dec. 1966-Jan. 22. 1967 having travelled from *Stockholm via Trelleborg-Sassnitz ferry ( *where I was studying full-time at the Grafiska Institutet, Institutet Høgre Reklam, Valhallavägen - 1965-67 ) via Malmö-Sassnitch. I also visited the Pergammon Museum, and crossed on numerous occasions, the infamous Glienecke Bridge “ Checkpoint Charlieas well using the U-Bahn both sides of the infamous Berlin Wall. I attended, as editor of Anglo-Nordic Times the Official Allied withdrawal ceremony in Berlin, September 1994. HM The Queen and Anthony B-liar attended as well as Chirac et al. I was, also, publisher / printer of the London based Anglo-German Chamber of Commerce quarterly magazine, until, it was transferred to Hamburg. It was published in both in German, and English.

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