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THE NEW GERMANY - Newsletter.
Founded 08.09.1994. Magdeburg.

Editor ( 23.09.00 - 1. i. 16 ): GeoffreyStachekdraftDixon-Hamilton

The New Germany: In remembering my informative years of the 1960's when I had recourse to travel in both West, and East Germany, but in particular East Berlin, as exampled by attending  Der Malik-Verlag ( 1916-`47) Aussteillung ( Dec. 1966-Jan. 22. 1967 having travelled from *Stockholm via Trelleborg-Sassnitz ferry ( *where I was studying full-time at the Grafiska Institutet, Institutet Høgre Reklam, Valhallavägen - 1965-67 ) via Malmö-Sassnitch. I also visited the Pergammon Museum, and crossed on numerous occasions, the infamous Glienecke Bridge “ Checkpoint Charlieas well using the U-Bahn both sides of the infamous Berlin Wall. I attended, as editor of Anglo-Nordic Times the Official Allied withdrawal ceremony in Berlin, September 1994. HM The Queen and Anthony B-liar attended as well as Chirac et al. I was, also, publisher / printer of the London based Anglo-German Chamber of Commerce quarterly magazine, until, it was transferred to Hamburg. It was published in both in German, and English. I, also, attended the Internationalen Arbeitskreis Sonnenberg, where I made the acquaintance of  Herr Bernhard K. Ulfrecht.  This page is dedicated:  to those, who died at the hands of the infamous Vopos, Stasi / KGB in East Berlin - 1961 - Thurs. Nov. 9th., 1989. “Geh’n wir mal’ruuber [rubes] ist weg.”. Also, dedicated to Michael Scheffler, Wittlich, near River Moselle, S. Germany, who was my host in Wittlich in the 1950s when I cycled [ yes, cycled ] from London to Trier, via Brussels, Aachen. Köln, and Koblenz (IYHA). Returning from Trier through Belgium back to Oostende / London. I was editor of the YHA London Region News [ apropos Bill Morrison MBE ]. Greetings too, to Gunther von Freyhold a fellow student at Fristad folkhogskoila, Sweden 1963-64, also, when I was a Fil.Stud. at the Univ. Gothenburg apropos Fil. Kand..  

©  G. E. Dixon-Hamilton PP&TG  1. viii. 2016.

Schleswig-Holstein: This attractive part of northern Germany has always been promoted by this title [ Anglo-Nordic Times Int'l. / LOOK NORDIC ], since its inception in published form 1976. It is only several years ago that SH came third in economic growth, behind the Federal states of Bavaria and Baden-Württemburg. Contact: WTSH, Lorentzendamn 24, 24103 Kiel, Deutschland. Tel. +49(0)43166666-0.  
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