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NB: The Editor { Geoffrey E. Dixon-Hamilton } spent five years at the London School [ College ] of Printing - 1956-61 - as well as combined studies at S.L.A.D.E. ( school of art ). This was accompanied, with special scholarship courses at the Copenhagen Graphic Institute 1963-64 ( Herr Eivind Winsløw ), and Stockholm Grafiska / Høgre Reklam Institutet - qualifications:  DGI / IHR [ 1965-67 ] ( Herr Bror Zachrisson / Chris Ottander ). The web site has links with both Sotheby’s and Christie's as well as private art galleries in both London and Stockholm. The editor has visited art galleries, and private collections in forty two different countries, with special attention ( 1957-2015 ) to the Nordic art museums, and galleries in London, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Munich, Brussels, Rotterdam, Madrid, New York, Athens  as well as visiting sights of major architectural and archeological importance, e.g. Pyramids of Giza. This web site is dedicated to promoting all the best of fine art, with special emphasis on the Nordic countries, and Germany as well as the Baltic States. It promotes young artists and items for sale: MS, jewellery - gold, silver, gems, sculpture, oils, pastiche, art deco, buildings of architectural repute, state exhibitions.

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Page dedicated to Norman Cornish ( 86 ) [ artist ] of County Durham ( my home county: Durham City, No.1 Union Place, Church Head  / 22 Church Street, 40 New Elvet - Durham, New Silksworth-Tunstal,  Kimblesworth, Spennymoor Colliery, Bear Park  / Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Gateshead, Kippax, Featherstone, W. R. Yorkshire - England.   
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