LOOK NORDIC 2018   Vol. 504     4
PEREGRINE PUBLISHING & TROJAN GRAPHICS* Co. Ltd. Co. Reg. No. 2829788 CEO: Geoffrey E. Dixon-Hamilton. E-mail: editor@nordic-times.co.uk. Company names, and related magazine titles Fd. / Reg. 1966, with the original concepts formulated when a full-time student at the Grafiska Institutet och Høgre Reklam in Stockholm ['65-67] under the tuition of Herr Bror Zachrisson / Chris Ottander. Due to excessive duplicated paperwork, and related costs, GED-H merged the companies 23.06.93: trading - 40 years. After, 7 years of full-time university studies, and related missions, within the Nordic countries Dixon-Hamilton assisted in the editing and publication of both, the London based Anglo-Swedish and Anglo-German Chambers of Commerce in-house magazines, and their associated society newsletters, whilst working at the offices of  Derwent Publications Ltd., Theobalds Rd., London ( Thompson Group / Monty Hyams, Sylvia Newey, Brian Comfort ) at the same time, as establishing his own businesses. Geoff left Derwent ('79) to establish his publishing business, with prime offices in Goswell Road [ 5 Charterhouse Buildings ], Barbican, London. The Anglo-Nordic [ Trade News ] Times Int'l. / LOOK NORDIC. x7 domain names registered 1996, with Nominet UK, and assigned to ISP, BT Connect [ Openworld ] 2000.  In fulfilment of his career goals Dixon-Hamilton attended full-time studies at the Lon. School [ College ] of Printing, S.L.A.D.E.; [ LCC State / T. U. C. Schols. - Oxford, Cambridge ];  Univ. Gotheburg - Fil. Stud.'65; Grafiska Institutet / Institute Høgre Reklam in the '70s, '80s was