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AEROSPACE - fixed wing, rotor, satellites, major security systems, associated military hardware / software. Editor, Geoffrey E. Dixon-Hamilton, and this title [ Anglo-Nordic [Trade] Times Intl./ LOOK NORDIC have long had an association, with the aerospace industry, within the editorial ( hard copy & internet ): 100s of pages have, and will continue to promote the aerospace industry, and its associated services. Special attention has been made to attending the respective major international air shows, not least, Farnborough, Berlin, and Paris-Le Bourget Centenary Air Show. Special press tours have been attended, such as the excellent SAAB AEROSPACE [ Gripen ] 1994 press tour. Associated technologies have, also been linked, as these include ground based military hardware and software. The former including the Challenger tank, and personnel carriers, both land and amphibious. Visits have been made to the manufacturing and assembly plants based in England, Sweden, Finland, Germany.
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Page dedicated to the R. A. F., who defended so bravely for these islands in The Battle Of Britain: against Luftwaffe attack "Adlertag", 13.08.1940. "Battle Day" 15.09.40. Dixon CAW, JA, G, L. Wings Nos. 310 [ Cech] / 302 [ Polish ]. Names: Mr - AC, AL, CB, CE, HR, JS, Hamilton ( DFC ). My late step-father, [ L/Crpl. Robert Ian "Pidge" Hamilton, R. A. S. C. R. A. O.C., Watford ] had a brother Claude ( Hamilton family 11 ) in the R. A. F., who was killed when a Bristol Blenheim bomber in which he was crew member ( Sgnt. ) was shot down, after a mission 10.viii.40, Cherbourg/Guernsey. The above names appear on the original painting made of the famous battles in the R. A. F. Officers' Club, 128 Piccadilly, London. Also, dedication to my late mother, Edith Annie Hamilton (neé [ Dixon ] Norman, Durham City /  Silksworth-Tunstall, Kimblesworth [ Dixon - Leeds / Kippax ], who worked at Handley Page / De Havilland's, Hatfield ( 35 Holme Road ), Herts, England, during, 1942 -1945 assisting in the assembly of Mosquitoes. Mother, and I, lived at 95, Crawford Road, Hatfield, Lye Lane, and Alma Road, St. Albans, during, those war years, which included the Nazi Doodle Bugs V-1 / V-2 rockets ( "Vergeltungswaffen" ) overshooting their London targets, as some landed in and around St. Albans, Herts, destroying both residential and commercial properties, with one landing opposite my school, while we were in the school playground. We were all quickly led down into the Anderson shelter set in the school playground. Gas masks, made of rubber, and which covered the face with goggles, were always kept in the family's hallway hat stand. I would play with them. On V. E. - Day, my mother and I, attended a celebration at De Havilland's to mark the end of the war. There was a huge bonfire made of scrap aircraft parts. My mother Edith Annie [Dixon] Hamilton received a special issue medal given to those, who worked on the war programme. June 13., 1944 Nazi VI-2 rockets started indiscriminately. 30 April, Adolph Hitler shot himself; May 8  a week before my  birthday, WWII ended. Dixon-Norman - Thompson [ RM Richard McKinley Thompson, k.I.a. 8. V. 1945, buried Hamburg cemetery ] families war recognition: Normandy Landing Medal, War Medals 1939-45, Cold War comm. Medal 1945-91, Burma Star 1944, WWI: 1914-15 Star, British War Medal 1914-20, Victory Medal; National Service Medals, Restoration of Peace comm. medal, Hors de Combat comm. medal, Merchant Navy Service comm. medal. These, as well as regimental ties, cap badges and regimental lapel pins held, as family memorabilia, plus, notable personal war records, of the respective families, Clans, septs.
"Carpe Diem"  "Ask not - we cannot know - what end the gods have set for you, for me; nor attempt the Babylonian reckonings Leuconoë.  How much better to endure whatever comes, whether Jupiter grants us additional winters or whether this is our last, which now wears out the Tuscan Sea upon the barrier of the cliffs !! Even while we speak, envious time has passed: pluck the day, putting as little trust as possible in tomorrow !!"  { Quintus Horacius  [ Horace ] Flaccus 60 B.C. }      Dedicated to:  Sgnt. Claude Hamilton R. A. F.
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